Why Is Influencer Marketing So Effective?

Why is Influencer Marketing So Effective

When it comes to getting your children’s brand more attention and building your reputation, we have a lot of digital marketing tools and techniques at our disposal. After years of trial and error, we focus only on the ones we know work best — the things that really get people excited about your brand while keeping the Google gods happy:


We’re passionate about all of these services, but we find that more often than not, people are really curious about influencer marketing — what it is, how we conduct it and why it’s effective. How can a well-planned influencer marketing campaign benefit your business? Why should you care? These are great questions — and we’re here to delve into them.

So enough dilly-dallying — let’s get to it. When it comes to your marketing dollars, are influencers even worth it? Why is influencer marketing so effective? Is it all about the snazzy influencers with 100k+ followers or is there secret power in micro-influencers?

What Does Influencer Marketing Mean?

Let’s start by getting back to basics. What does “influencer marketing” even mean?

Well, it’s a digital marketing strategy designed to raise awareness of a given product or service with the help of content creators. These content creators have spent years building up a dedicated following, developing a relationship with their followers and answering important questions. It is these followers that you really care about. An influencer might have hundreds of thousands of followers, but that’s no use to you if their following isn’t engaged — if they don’t genuinely care one way or another. 

What you’re looking for is an influencer who treats their followers more like friends. They talk to one another. They ask questions. They open up about themselves and embrace their perfect imperfections. They do all this and then, when the influencer promotes a product they believe in, their followers listen — they do so because they trust them.

With influencer marketing, a brand can build brand awareness, boost traffic and appeal to a target demographic. By working with influencers who already have the exact target audience you’re looking for — for brands we work with, that audience is parents of kids aged 18 and under — you can save yourself significant time and effort — and that’s why they are worth the money.

Influencer marketing can be carried out across multiple channels, but the most common are blogs and social media. With traditional marketing becoming less and less effective and with social proof becoming all the more important to the success of a brand, businesses are increasingly favouring influencer marketing as a means of attracting customers.

Influencer marketing typically comes in the form of:

  • Sponsored posts or features
  • Product or service reviews
  • Giveaways or competitions
  • Social media images or videos to highlight a product’s features
  • Mentions or shout-outs


Why Is Influencer Marketing So Effective? (The Psychology of Influencer Marketing)

So let’s talk efficiency — why do people care what influencers have to say? The answer is painfully simple. Because people listen. Because these influencers actually have influence. They might not be able to convince me that Ghost Rider is a great film, but they have certainly successfully tempted me to spend a pound or two on certain parenting products in the past. And I’m definitely not in the minority.

For me, it was the Poddle Pod. I was a new mum and my son was simply refusing to be put down at any point during the day. The poor thing had reflux and I was flat-out exhausted. At exactly the right time, I read a review about the Poddle Pod. The way it was described — like a hug for your baby when your arms are busy — convinced me to give it a shot.

And it was like magic — my son took to the Poddle Pod and for the first time in weeks, I was able to get things done around the house while keeping an eye on my very content son, snoozing in his Pod. It was influencers like Emmy’s Mummy and My Family Fever, with their no-nonsense, brief and honest reviews that convinced me to go ahead with my purchase — and I’m glad they did.

We’re all guilty of buying something because a well-known person — perhaps someone we admire — has used the product. We might not like to admit it, but how often have you bought a dress or a pair of sunglasses because you’ve seen them on your favourite celebrity? How often have you been swept up in a trend started by a big name? We’re used to celebrities being the ones with the influence. But thanks to the internet and social media, times are changing. We have more relatable people to look to, and marketing is changing as a result.

And my personal anecdote aside, studies have investigated exactly why influencer marketing is so effective and why people buy things based on an influencer’s say-so. Here’s what we know about the psychology of influencer marketing…

1. Cultural conformity plays a role

As independent as we are, human beings, when all is said and done, are social creatures. There’s something deep inside us that seeks out other people and desires to be part of a pack. But it’s not just a tribe we seek — we also want to be similar to other members of our tribe. Influencers, over a long period of time, build up their own packs — so when they voice a preference or give a recommendation, we’re almost programmed to care and follow suit. It might not even be a conscious choice — it’s something almost evolutionary.

Seth Godin termed this phenomenon “consumer tribes”. Godin suggests that because we feel we share values and ideals with an influencer, more often than not, we follow the influencer’s preferences. And when we do, we unconsciously confirm our identity and sense of belonging to the pack. In fact, our brains even reward us for it! Research by Jamil Zaki of Stanford University found that the brain’s reward system showed higher activity when a person aligned with social norms.

2. Influencers are positioned as experts

There has been a great deal of research into “informational social influence”. This happens when we change our opinions or behaviour (not necessarily consciously or immediately) after hearing from people we deem to be experts — people we believe have the right information. These experts are usually scientists, academics, reporters or lawyers. However, some believe that the same phenomenon holds true to influencers. They are positioned as experts in their field. Therefore, their opinions and insights will hold more weight, especially when you have chosen to follow them — and their social influence is only likely to increase with improved engagement or follower count.

3. Influencers have built up trust

We hinted at this above, but one of the main reasons we put stock in an influencer’s opinion is that we trust them. When we follow people, we connect with them and feel like we know them. They earn our trust, and we believe in them, and that includes their opinions and recommendations. In fact, 40% of people have reported making a purchase after seeing an influencer’s tweet.

4. We like to help other people — influencers included

We all feel good when we do good deeds. It’s part of human nature. It feels especially good when we do something for someone close to us — and this feeling of altruism extends to influencers. So when we buy something from their sponsors, or when we share our favourite influencer’s post or enter their giveaway, we feel like we’re doing them a favour, and that leaves us feeling all fuzzy and warm inside.

5. Influencers build personal connections

Last, but perhaps most importantly, influencers build real, personal connections with their followers. They share aspects of their private lives. They let their followers in. They engage in conversations and create meaningful relationships. And it’s these relationships that brands tap into when they can’t create those connections themselves.

Influencer Marketing Statistics

Still not convinced? Here are just a few influencer marketing statistics for you:


At the end of the day, influencer marketing isn’t really a new concept — we’ve always acted on recommendations, mostly from friends and family. Influencer marketing is the same practice — but on a much larger scale. And savvy marketers know how to use this tool to benefit their clients by boosting sales and skyrocketing brand recognition.

Would you like a hand with your influencer outreach? Check out our influencer marketing services — we have great connections with influencers and micro-influencers to give your children’s brand the exposure it deserves.

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