Parents Reveal Their Weird Google Searches

weird google searches

Parenting is rewarding, but it’s also confusing, frustrating and, at times, overwhelming. This has led to some weird Google searches — we’ve all been there.   My child was a late talker. Then, all of sudden, he took a huge interest in counting. It came out of nowhere, but he started counting all the time […]

Creating a Content Calendar For Your Blog

Creating a Content Calendar For Your Blog

Need help organising your time? Check out this guide on creating a content calendar and you’ll (almost) always be on top of your work from now on   You settle down to write your weekly blog post for your business. Leggings on, hair tied back and coffee at the ready. You mean business. And then […]

Parenting Advice (to Preserve Your Sanity)

parenting advice

If you’re new to this parenting game — here are just a few pieces of parenting advice from (25+) fellow perfectly imperfect parents   Parenting is hard. This is something we all know, but it’s not something we all truly understand until we become parents. No matter how mature we think we are, how prepared […]

How Long Should a Blog Post Be for SEO?

How Long Should a Blog Post Be

We know it’s all about quality over quantity, but when it comes right down to it — how long should a blog post be?   Blogs represent a huge opportunity for businesses — they can be used to attract target customers, to convert them and to rank for valuable keywords. We all want our content […]

Panic Attacks During Pregnancy: What You Should Know

Panic Attacks During Pregnancy

Panic attacks during pregnancy aren’t pleasant, but how worried should we be? Why do they happen? Is there anything we can do to prevent them?   I’m a mum to a toddler and before I got pregnant, I never thought of myself as an anxious person. I’d never had a panic attack before I got […]

What is Anchor Text? Why is it Important?

Linking is only half the battle — if you want to up your SEO game, you need to know about anchor text. But what is anchor text and why does it matter?   We all know that links are a ranking factor. You want to gain links to your website and you want to link […]

Baby Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

baby hacks

Parenthood is hard. And that’s putting it mildly. But these baby hacks can make life that little bit more manageable — and every little helps!   Some parents just look like they have it all figured out. They are organised, they are on time for everything. They have the time to brush both their hair […]

Why Is Influencer Marketing So Effective?

Why is Influencer Marketing So Effective

When it comes to getting your children’s brand more attention and building your reputation, we have a lot of digital marketing tools and techniques at our disposal. After years of trial and error, we focus only on the ones we know work best — the things that really get people excited about your brand while […]

What Is a URL Slug and How Can You Optimise Them?

What is a URL Slug

When it comes to SEO, the devil is in the detail. Even seemingly small things — like URL slugs — can make all the difference When you delve into the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you realise just how far down the rabbit hole you can go. There is always something you can tweak […]

6 Popular Sleep Training Methods

popular sleep training methods

Let’s talk sleep training methods. What actually works? Ah, sleep. We all love sleep. That doesn’t change when you become a parent. It’s just that you usually get much less of it. And there’s nothing you can really do to prepare yourself — one minute, you’re able to sleep until you’re actually refreshed. The next, […]